Types Of Shots

There are many types of shots played that lead to interesting games and strategy.

1.Straight drive or 'rail': The ball is hit parallel and close to a side wall to travel deep to the back of the court (the 'basic' squash shot). Often referred to as a 'good length' shot.

2. Boast (or angle): The ball is played off a side wall at an angle, or the back wall, before hitting the front wall.

3. Volley: The ball is hit 'on the full' (before it touches the floor), usually directly to the front wall

4. Drop Shot: The ball is hit gently against the front wall, to fall softly to the floor in the front corner.

5. Lob: The ball is hit softly and high on the front wall and with a high arc, so that it falls in a back corner of the court.

6. Cross Court: The ball is hit to the front wall from the right side to the left (or vice versa).

7. Kill: The ball is hit hard and low on the front wall so that it travels no farther than half court.

8. Trickle Boast: A 'short' boast where the ball is hit to the side wall at the front of the court (often disguised as a drive or drop shot).

9. Squeeze Boast: A more difficult shot which is hit from the front of the court when the ball is very close to the side wall. Has the same effect as the trickle boast but is more deceptive because of its difficulty.

10. Skid Boast: The ball is hit high to the side wall near the front wall so that it travels cross court and falls in the opposite back corner.

11. Nick Shot: the ball is 'volleyed' or hit off a bounce, cross court and with power to strike the front wall then the junction of the side wall and floor (the 'nick'). When hit well, the ball will have little or no bounce or roll along the floor (this is a more advanced shot that is a variation of the kill shot).

12. Back Shot: the ball is hit gently and high off the back wall, so that it goes the length of the room and hits (usually low) off the front wall.